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When contacting us there is a number of useful things that would help speed up the process!

Some of the details we are looking for

  • Pond Length
  • Pond Width
  • Pond Depth
  • Pond Capacity
  • Overground or Underground
  • Pond Material
  • Colour of water
  • Is the water cloudy?
  • Pond equipment used (If relevant)
    • Concrete
    • Preformed
    • Fibreglass
    • Plastic
  • Pond purpose
    • Natural garden pond
    • Fish Pond (Type of fish kept)
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Paul Reid

Avid Koi keeper and breeder for over 25 years. Years of experience in building ponds, diagnosing and treating fish diseases and water management.

Number: 086-601-5267

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Con Ryan

Years of experience in the construction industry. Keen fish keeper and gardener/landscaper.